an AMAZING book on Lilith

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an AMAZING book on LilithI have an AMAZING book on Lilith by Delphine Jay.. Since It's not widely posted about, I decided to share some info.. My first post will be only on what lilith means... If anyone wants to add please do.and if anyone has questions, please ask them and i'll quote directly from this book.... The author calls Luna our moon (that's how i interpret it anyway) and she calls lilith, LILITH but she calls it the "impersonal moon" the "subconscious"... Ok Here are the Lilith facts: 1- Lilith has 2 levels: positve->creative/mental and aesthetic release and negative-> emotionally influenced motivation 2- Lilith's energy manifests positively only as an impersonal force , as opposed to Luna's distinctly personal one. 3- Lilith describes the needs of the social-collective self 4-Lilith is an emotionally maturing force 5-Lilith moves you to extrmes on either the positive or negative level. 6- Where Lilith is, there is fascination 7- Lilith creates emotional repressions and phobias... 8- Lilith has affinity with SATURN. Both represent disciplined circumstances that force realistic attitudes: the first emotionally the second materially ( I dont really agree with this... try saturn oppose sun, if that's not emotional what is?! but i guess she's talking about the planetary influence not the aspects....) 9- Lilith depersonalizes 10-Lilith frustrates the self to liberate the social collective self (she's very jungian from what i gather... ah well.. a step up from Freud ) 11-The house lilith occupies indicates where one must deal with his own reflections of emotional immaturity, when negatively motivated. 12- The house lilith occupies indicates where one must overcome naive or childish expectations. 13- Lilith demands depersonalization in the house it motivates, or with the persons of that house ... 14Lilith represents RAW urges that are for the most part hidden in the personal orientation lest the individual exposea part of himself he does not understand , making him vulnerable or to appear strangely different (imagine this in the 8th house.ouch) 15- Creative talent according to sign colors the vocation , giving the person some special coloring from others in the field. In some cases, it may represent the vocation itself. 16- Lilith magnifies the nergy of whatever planet or point it aspects. 17-Responds strongly to aspects with uranus, Moon and saturn 18- Like uranus-pluto relations, only that it manifests compulsively and abruptly 19- Lilith is exalted in Gemini Has its fall in cancer Dignified in Capricorn and has its fall in sag. 20- Where Lilith is placed , there is sth shadowy in ther personality. It has to do witht hings that we are not sure of in ourselves. 21- In the house of lilith, is where we are forced to grow our emotional dependencies. 22- When living the higher lilith it specializes talent and sharpens the mind... 23- Lilith releases a unique social talent by house position , and a specialty interest by sign. 24- When negative, it makes one susceptible to WEIRD fascinations , strange influences, infatuations and compulsions. 25- Lilith travels 3'02 a day in mean motion , 10 days to a sign and 4 months through the zodiac... So where's your lilith? Mine is in the 10th in Pisces (conjunct MC)... This one rings very true for me.. My bf has lilith conjunct uranus in scorpio in the 11th... 'nuf said  
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